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Maya itself does not allow you to override settings for a given camera; this can only be done in the various render layers. With RenderPal V2 2.12, however, this functionality can be achieved by using our submitter script for Maya and adding the setting overrides to the camera shape's notes:

Camera shape notes example

Frames: 50-100,250-300
Framestep: 2
Layers: lightTestLayer,ambientLayer
Maya camera shape notes
As you can see, each override is entered on a separate line in the form Setting: Value; you should not add any other, non-override notes to the camera shape. Below is a list of all supported overrides:

Supported camera overrides

The frame range(s) to render; enter each range as From-To values and separate multiple ranges by a comma
The frame step to use
The layers to render for this camera; separate each layer by a comma
The output image width in pixels
The output image height in pixels

We will keep this list updated as we add support for more overrides. Especially the Layers override is of great use, as it allows you to limit a camera to a specified list of layers.

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