Here you'll find a bunch of screenshots of RenderPal V2, which should give you a good impression of what RenderPal V2 and its intuitive user interface look like. A small description has also been given for each screenshot, so that you know what you are looking at. For a full description of the various features, you should take a look at the Features section.

Main view

Main view

Main view
All monitoring and controlling is done here. Basically, this is "your farm".

View filter active

Main view - View filter active
View filters limit the shown items (pools, clients, net jobs) to only those which match certain user-defined criteria.

View filter settings

View filter editor (of a net job filter)
The view filter editor of a net job, showing the various criteria you can define. The editor for clients/pools offers slightly differentt settings.

Net Job details - Information

Net Job details - Information
A bunch of general information regarding the selected net jobs.

Net Job details - Chunk list

Net Job details - Chunk list
A list of all chunks of a net job. Individual chunks can be controlled (like being skipped or restarted) here.

Net Job details - Events

Net job details - Events
All chunk-related events can be viewed here (a pane for the textual output of each chunk also exists).

Net Job details - Previews

Net Job details - Previews
Contains small previews of the rendered images of a net job. Perfect for taking a quick look at the outcome of your renderings.

Net Job details - Statistics

Net Job details - Statistics
Shows some useful overall statistics of a net job, like Rendering time & CPU Idle time.

Render set & Net Job editor

Render set

Render set
All render settings (scenes to render, frame list etc.) of a net job are edited here. This is also the starting point for each new net job.

Main Net Job settings

Net Job - Main settings
All the main settings of a net job, including splitting and slicing, pool selection, priority and so on.

Advanced Net Job settings

Net Job - Advanced settings
Advanced settings include various restriction options, render time monitoring, error handling, automatic frame checking and more.

Net Job file caching

Net Job - File caching
Project files can be cached locally on the clients for rendering.

Net Job events

Net Job - Events
Net job events can execute arbitrary programs, system commands or even Python scripts on certain events.

Custom Net Job fields

Net Job - Custom fields
Custom net job fields allow you to add your own fields - specific to the way your company works and organizes projects - to all net jobs.

Web Interface

Clients & Pools

Web Interface - Clients & Pools
Shows all pools and their associated clients, including their current jobs. Pools and clients can also be controlled here.

Net Jobs

Web Interface - Net Jobs
Contains all important details of each net job; chunk lists of individual net jobs can also be opened.

Net Job Chunks

Web Interface - Net Job Chunks
Shows all important details of each chunk; you can also control the chunks in various ways, or view the events of a chunk.

Remote Client configuration


Remote Client configuration - Settings
Various client settings can be applied to several clients in bulk here.


Remote Client configuration - Renderers
The renderers can also be configured in bulk for several clients at once.

Farm management

Pool & Client management

Client management
Used to manage all the pools and clients in your render farm. This is also the place where clients are assigned to pools.

Renderer management

Renderer management
Used to create and edit renderers. All aspects of a renderer interface can be defined - without modifying any files by hand.

License management

License management
Used to manage how many licenses are available for the various renderers and which pools and clients have access to them.

User management

User management
Allows you to manage your user groups and accounts; user accounts are used for Remote Controller and Web Interface logins.

Update management

Update management
Using the update management, you can update RenderPal V2 on your entire farm automatically.

Job submission

Job settings

Job submission - Job settings
The main job settings of the new net job to be submitted (MacOSX).

Render settings

Job submission - Render settings
Various render settings of the new net job (Linux).

File caching

Job submission - File caching
Project files caching settings for the new net job (Windows).

About RenderPal V2

RenderPal V2 is a powerful, feature-rich, yet easy to use Render Farm Manager for  Maya, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, VRED, Modo, SketchUp, After Effects, Arnold and many more.

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