RenderPal V2 2.9.0 released


Point release

The ninth point release of RenderPal V2 brings several new additions and improvements.

With this release, the RenderPal V2 Client can now cache scenes locally before they are being rendered. Each rendering node will get its own local copy, and so the original scene file will only be used during the copying process, resulting in a great reduction of overall network traffic and thus also in improved rendering times.

One of the biggest additions in this version is the ability to add your own, custom fields to net jobs, which are a great way of adding your own information. which is relevant to the way you or your company work and organize things, to every net job. They are not only a great way of adding further details to each net job, but also to organize them in more sophisticated ways.

The renderer system now supports default values for renderer parameters. These will be used when creating a new, empty render set or when submitting a new net job via command-line. The default values will be used to fill out the parameters in the render set when it is initialized, which also means that it is not a fixedly used value for rendering but can still be changed by the user.

There are also several other nice improvements, like a minimum client memory limit for net jobs, renderer coloring and the ability to have clients only available for rendering when no user is currently logged on. We also added flood protection to the clients and server, so that renderers will no longer jam the server with many consecutive notifications.

About RenderPal V2

RenderPal V2 is a powerful, feature-rich, yet easy to use Render Farm Manager for  Maya, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, VRED, Modo, SketchUp, After Effects, Arnold and many more.

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