RenderPal V2 2.11.0 released


Point release

The eleventh point release of RenderPal V2 features a completely new component, the RenderPal V2 Submitter, and brings several nice improvements. Below you'll find a brief description of what is new in this version; release notes and the complete changelog can be found at the bottom of this post.

  • The RenderPal V2 Submitter
    The RenderPal V2 Submitter is a graphical utility to quickly submit new net jobs to the RenderPal V2 Server; it is available for Windows, Linux and MacOSX. The submitter is also used for directly submitting net jobs from within renderers and compositing applications, superseding our previous submitter scripts. This initial release ships with scripts for: 3ds Max, After Effects, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, Modo, Nuke, SketchUp and Softimage.
  • Frame checking improvements
    The image name for frame checking now allows you to directly enter the desired padding, either by using one or more # signs or by using the well-known %0?d syntax.
  • Idle clients shutdown
    The automatic idle clients shutdown will now also be turned off once the current time is no longer scheduled, making this feature more intuitive and useful.
  • Clients that lack a renderer
    If a client reports that there is no executable set for a renderer, the client will now be immediately removed from the corresponding net job and its error count won’t be increased.
  • New renderer
    This release brings out-of-the-box-support for a frequently requested renderer: SketchUp. The SketchUp support is still somewhat preliminary and so might be a little rough around the edges - feedback is highly welcome!

We've also written a small introductory tutorial for new SketchUp users on how to set up a SketchUp render farm with RenderPal V2.

This release offers several other improvements, including an improved renderer license management; be sure to read the full release notes:

About RenderPal V2

RenderPal V2 is a powerful, feature-rich, yet easy to use Render Farm Manager for  Maya, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, VRED, Modo, SketchUp, After Effects, Arnold and many more.

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